Key Color by Ronjo  (GV $12)

Key Color by Ronjo (GV $12)


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Mind reading magic that you can carry everywhere...because it's right on your key ring! While the magician's back is turned, three transparent cylinders-red, yellow & blue- are placed in any order inside a solid brass tube by a spectator. The cap is then screwed on. You then reveal which color is at the bottom, every time! Have them put only one COLOR inside the tube and hide the other colors in their hand. You can still reveal the color! Can be repeated instantly and is fully examinable. Carry this and all of the effects on your Trick-Key Ring (sold separately) for instant fun on the go. Great street magic that you can perform anytime, anywhere because it's all right there on your Trick - Key, key ring!

The Trick - Key Magic Collection makes a great gift for your favorite magician!


Comes with a beautiful, solid brass tube with screw-on top, three colored clear plastic cylinders and detailed instructions.

Made In U.S.A.