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Kaleidoscope Playing Cards by fig.23

Kaleidoscope Playing Cards by fig.23

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$19.00Sale Price

The poker-sized deck known as "Kaleidoscope" by the proud playing-card purveyor fig. 23 is of the flip-book nature, meaning when properly but easily manipulated it produces a perceived animation very similar to that of a traditional kaleidoscope.

For those who do not know what a traditional kaleidoscope is, such knowledge can easily be obtained by entering the word "kaleidoscope" into any online search engine. The buyer of this item has not only the means of enjoying a vast amount of card-related games but also a source of amusement for those who appreciate the novelty of its visual stimulation, including young people, academics, marzipan enthusiasts, those who avoid reading obituaries, hipsters and hippies; those greatly under the influences of alcohol and/or extreme dexterity issues, not so much.

It has been released in March of the year 2022, being that it is far too ahead of its time to be released in 2021. It is highly recommended that this item be purchased in multiples to be used as an onslaught against boredom as projectiles.

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