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JET by Bond Lee, ZF Magic & MS Magic

JET by Bond Lee, ZF Magic & MS Magic

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Jet by Bond Lee, ZF Magic & MS Magic

We use card fountains and pyro devices all the time in our shows, but we wanted to know if we could combine them. This is our solution; we present you Jet.

We built a very strong motor for Jet's card fountain, allowing the cards to reach eight meters high. We also designed a very special track, allowing the cards to shoot out in a very wide angle, creating a spread-out effect and a very beautiful visual.

Jet can also be used to create pyrotechnic effects. You can use instantaneous stage fountains with our pyro system. If you can't use the pyro effect at your venue, you can also convert our pyro system into a confetti cannon. You can shoot out a good amount of confetti or different light weight objects using Jet.

Jet can also act as a flash gun, shooting fire balls and confetti using flash products. You can also use the same principle to shoot some small items (silks, paper balls, etc) into the air.

Jet has three control modes: remote control, button control and timer, allowing the device to fit your differing performance situations. Our remote control ranges up to 20 meters. Due to the compact size of Jet, you can place it inside a top hat, performance table, or in or behind another prop. The perfect device for professional performances.

The battery is durable and can last for 100 operations with one charge. It can also be replaced quite easily, allowing you to charge the battery yourself or use a backup battery when needed for consecutive or more lengthy performances. Jet also comes with a power display so you will know when it is time to charge the unit.

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