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Ink hole by French Drop (GV $30)

Ink hole by French Drop (GV $30)


Comes with a $30 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


Just ink becomes a realistic hole.

It is like a cartoon. Draw a circle on the surface of the Morgan (replica) with a pen. Naturally, there is no change on the reverse side. It is a normal morgan. However, when you insert the pen into this circle, the pen slowly and directly penetrates through the coin. The reverse side was definitely there until just now. In fact, the obverse is also proudly shown, and the spectator confirms it. The circle is drawn in ink. There is no doubt about it. The pen (regular Sharpie) penetrates the circle in a realistic manner. It is an unbelievable. If you wish, you can wipe off the ink with your hand at the end and return to the initial state.

The video shows the actual performance by Mr. JONIO at the TMA in Taiwan, uncut. The audience, almost all of whom are experienced magicians, cheered at the point of penetration. I understand. Mr. JONIO's pretense is perfect. From there, this penetration is real shocking.

The elaborate gimmick that has been meticulously designed makes this magic possible. It is precision machined by Kreis. The beauty of the workmanship is always impressive. This coin guarantees natural handling from the beginning to the end of the performance. If there is any unnaturalness, it is the performer's responsibility.

Explanation will be given by Mr. JONIO himself. JONIO is known not only for his solid technical skills, but also for his easy-to-understand explanations. Even beginners will not be left behind. In addition, you can also enjoy a performance in the studio, a live performance at the TMA in the trailer.

Please make this shocking penetration your own.

"This is like Photoshop, but in real life! Talk about a great routine for zoom shows. Jonio is offering a miracle."
- Lee Asher

"JONIO is not only a cleanliness and magical power because of his Japanese culture, is because it lives in his mind and in his hands. This coin trick is a clear example."
- Miguel Angel Gea

"The perfect twist on the classic pen through coin effect. I was waiting for the funny move at the critical point but it never came. Visual, clean and logical. This goes straight into my repertoire! and I mean it: I want one!"
- Pierric

"This takes the Karate coin plot and turns it into an absolute miracle. The first penetration made me gasp... You know what I mean!!"
- Moritz Mueller

"I don't really like using gimmick when I do coin magic, but I want to have it."
- DK

"A brilliant and sneaky idea with simple objects, this is gonna be directly to my repertoire!"
- Juan LuisRubiales

"So simple yet so visual. Definitely something I would carry around and perform all the time."
- Eric Chen

1 × Morgan (replica) gimmick
1 × Regular Morgan (replica) gimmick
1 × Online Explanation URL

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