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Impact Cube

Impact Cube

$80.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price

Magician shows a mixed puzzle cube. You can show any sides of the puzzle cube.

Now he throws the cube toward the table…..

Oh…. the puzzle cube seems to be broken to pieces…. ?? No, NO… They didn’t break to pieces. They actually changed into colorful chocolates (or candies)!!! Unexpected Sweet Surprise!

As shown in demo video, additional effects will be performed with this gimmick.
- A Mixed Cube visually shrinks!!
- A Mixed Cube instantly solves!!

For your convenience, we provide miniature sized puzzle cube. It allows you to perform that a regular sized cube visually changes into a miniature sized cube! In addition, we provide special gimmick set for shrunken dice magic. They allow you to perform a jumbo die magically changes into a mini-sized die! (You receive both gimmick set for puzzle cube & die.)

Comes with special gimmick set for puzzle cube & die, a regular sized puzzle cube, a miniature sized puzzle cube, and online instructional video. Please provide your own chocolates/candies.

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