Finger Chopper 3.0

Finger Chopper 3.0


Have spectator examine a clear frame, a paper guide, and a sword to prove that these props do NOT have any secrets.

The magician asks audience to place the paper guide and the sword in between the sides of the frame. Then he borrows a cigarette from spectator, and the borrowed cigarette is completely inserted into the small hole of guillotine. The magician asks spectator to insert four fingers into the wide opening of the guillotine..... The magician brings the sword down from the top to the bottom..... are the fingers OK...??

The cigarette is in fact cut into two pieces, but, magically the spectator's fingers are safe and unharmed!

At the end of the routine, the audience can examine all props.

In finger chopper 2.0, only one finger was placed at risk in the guillotine. This incredible update to 3.0 asks the spectator to put most of his/her hand "under the blade". This wider opening allows for other items, such as necktie.

・Spectator can examine all props at anytime.
・No need to switch.
・No need to set up & reset at all.
・This item will never wear out.
・You can use a borrowed cigarette from audience, which can also be examined! (instead of using cigarette, you can use vegetable stick, toothpick, etc....)
・Big enough to use for parlor and close-up.

Guillotine--- 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm) high x 6 3/4 inches (17.1cm) width.
Sword---- 10 inches (25cm) length.

Comes with Clear Frame, 4 fingers guide, sword