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Copag Unique Plastic Playing Cards

Copag Unique Plastic Playing Cards


Copag Unique Plastic Playing Cards Poker Size Regular Index Black and Gold Double-Deck Set


About these cards:

MATERIAL: Our cards are 100% Plastic PVC that is produced in our state-of-the-art facility in Brazil. They provide the durability of plastic but with the authentic feel of paper cards. When shuffling and dealing these cards you will be amazing by the buttery smooth finish. They are less susceptible to getting bent or damaged from liquids. They can be washed and cleaned as opposed to paper cards. As a result, a single deck of Copag cards can last as long as 50 times that of a paper deck.

CARD TYPE: This product includes two decks of 52 cards, 2 jokers and a guarantee card. The decks are poker sized which measure 3 7/16" by 2 1/2". This is considered a "wide" size. The letter size is regular index which is the smaller size compared to our jumbo cards. Each letter and symbol measure about 1/4" in length.

PACKAGING: The two decks are included in a eco-friendly cardboard case with silver lettering made of recyclable material. The case is an alternative green option as opposed to our traditional plastic cases. It has a slim design that only measures about 1" when closed. The case will make the cards easier to store and transport to your game nights!

HISTORY: Copag has been a leader in the playing card market for over 100 years. Our heritage originated in Brazil and spread through South America. Copag was more recently introduced to the US in the early 2000's. Our Unique design was introduced in 2019 and has a symmetrical and appealing arrowlike design.

WARRANTY: Occasionally a card may get lost or damaged during play. Although this is rare, Copag provides a FREE individual card replacement service. You can simply go to the Copag website and complete the replacement card request and they will have a card mailed to you within 2-3 business days. Never let one card ruin your whole deck again and enjoy our cards for years to come!

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