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Coin Escape Puzzle Pro

Coin Escape Puzzle Pro

$40.00 Regular Price
$34.00Sale Price

A magician displays a coin is placed in between two crossed acrylic plates.

Now magician asks spectator to remove the coin from there, but it seems to be impossible…

However when magician holds the puzzle, the coin can be removed easily AND instantly.

Nothing added or removed, a miracle happened with ONLY two acrylic plates.

- US Penny, US Nickel, US Quarter coins are good size (19mm - 24mm) to use. Please provide your own coin.

- Please note there are minor scratches on each acrylic plates but it happens while manufacturing and inspecting of the products. This is the nature of Acrylic. While inspecting by manufacture, they need to assemble and disassemble the puzzle, since this puzzle is required very accurate sizes. It causes the minor scratches during those process. Therefore, please understands that all of the products does have minor scratches on it. And it is NOT defective or damaged at all. Please understand and accept the conditions before purchasing.

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