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CHIPS & SAUCE by Tora Magic

CHIPS & SAUCE by Tora Magic

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Tora's Chips & Sauce is an endless 'sauce' of magic; multiple color changes, magical transpositions and a surprise ending, performed with two everyday objects, a tube of chips and a bottle of sauce.

It's everything an entertainer and church worker looks for in a magic routine. Chips & Sauce starts as a classic Passe Passe effect. The Tube of Chips magically changes places with the sauce bottle, once, twice, thrice! Then surprise surprise, the tube of chips changes color from green to red to yellow. Whatever your favorite flavor, we've got it. And to top it all the sauce bottle changes from red ketchup to yellow mustard!

Tora's Chips & Sauce is an impressive effect for any entertainer wanting a new show-stopping routine. For church workers, Chips & Sauce is a reputation-maker. Play it for fun at a youth group meeting, use it during a service to illustrate a message on God's provision, the fruit of the Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit. Each color change leads to a different point. Red for the son, green for the holy spirit, yellow for our heavenly father.

Tora's Chips & Sauce isn't simply a magic trick; it's a WHOLE routine with a boatload of magical moments that will delight audiences of all ages. It's also flexible. Perform the color changing tube of chips, or the Passe Passe element as stand alone effects. This is self working, easy to do magic that ANYONE can perform. As with Tora props the bottle, tubes and sleeves are made to the highest standards, thick plastic, professionally printed that will last many performances.

And here's a bonus, everything is safely stored in a wooden box with Tora's logo on the lid. Professional-quality props, beautifully presented at a very affordable price.

Comes complete with: chip tube, sauce bottle, 2 covers, gimmicks and link to online video instruction.

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