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Card thru Frame

Card thru Frame


This is the frame formed largely and has elegant appearance.
It is used to hang on the wall.
You ask a spectator to choose a card and shuffle the cards.
Without touching the frame, the image is made to appear in the frame.
(it's not necessary to hang on a wall, the magician can hold the frame.)

For example: the audience selected a card, and returns it to the deck, and then you asked him not to tell out the chosen card.
You now "spring" the cards at the frame. Behind the glass is the chosen card.
The action of springing triggers the mechanism...
This effect has many applications for magic presentation,such as Mentalist Magic, Close Up, Hotel or Restaurant Residencies, Stage or Cabaret… the possibilities are endless.

Approximately 12 "x 10" (31 cm x 26 cm)

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