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C LIFE by Jérôme Sauloup & Magic Dream (GV $18)

C LIFE by Jérôme Sauloup & Magic Dream (GV $18)


Comes with a $18 gift voucher on your next purchase :)

Does not apply to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) products.


Jerome Sauloup, the creator of the bestselling effects "Choice" and "Switch Cup", is back with a poetic, visual and very easy to do trick. Magic Dream is proud to present "C-Life".

Goldfish appearances have always been a magical and memorable moment for spectators. However, many factors have made this classic effect impractical to perform, the complicated set up and small gimmick that housed the fish was not only very nice for the fish but it meant you had to perform the effect extraming quickly after setting up the gimmick or you risked hurting your little assistant!

Jerome Sauloup thought about all these constraints, reimagined the routine and C-LIFE was born! He created a gimmick that is not only comfortable for the goldfish but more magical and visual for the audience! "C-Life" is so easy to perform that you only need to concentrate on your presentation.

Imagine, an empty glass of water sitting on the table, you cover it with a handkerchief and in a fraction of a second, a fish now appears swimming around in the glass. What's more, the glass can be given to the spectators to verify that there is nothing in it but the fish! You show your hands empty, take your bow and enjoy the moment as your spectators will feel they have witnessed a true miracle!

The gimmick provided in C-Life can be adapted to many objects: scarf (even a transparent one!), a fan, an iPad, a restaurant menu, a flag, a slate, etc. So you can create a routine that fits your act

You receive:

  • The polycarbonate glass, designed to be tough (so no more having to replace smashed glasses)
  • The gimmicks
  • The scarf

Strong points:

  • Can be used with many objects
  • The fish is not mistreated with C-Life
  • Very visual
  • Easy to do
  • Although it can be done in close-up, this trick is intended for parlor or stage performances
  • Custom designed props.

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