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Comes with a $8 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


JOTA presents five powerful effects, ALL IN ONE ROUTINE!

  • An extremely visual transformation
  • An incredible transportation
  • A shocking appearence
  • An exact location
  • An impossible prediction
  • Description:

    First you give the spectators the possibility to freely choose a card that after being remembered is returned to the deck and shuffled several times.

    Then you give it to them to hold in their hands and show that you are wearing a badge around your neck with a lucky bill inside.

    With empty hands you magically transform the bill into their card!

    It could end here, but no! You take the deck that they had in their hands all the time and you tell them that your lucky bill does not disappear but travels.

    And with a simple riffle it appears in the middle of the deck.

    When spreading the cards, despite having been mixed, they are in perfect order and the bill is located exactly in the position where their card should be.

    As a final punch, you tell them that it is your lucky bill because the day you found it had something written, and when you open it, you show the message matches with the card they have chosen.
    • Ideal for close up or social media
    • You can customize it with your name, foto or corporate logo
    • It is easy to do
    • Resets in seconds
    • You can carry it in your pocket or wear it around your neck
    • Extra mentalism idea included
    JOTA includes an online tutorial where you can learn every detail, many variants and different ideas to also use it for amazing predictions. y

    English and Spanish tutorial

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