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Azlan Redux by Fraser Parker (GV $6)

Azlan Redux by Fraser Parker (GV $6)


Comes with a $6 gift voucher on your next purchase :)


"F**k me!!! This is ridiculous! Mate it's so, so, so fooling! Even after knowing the original method and watching it play out countless times"
- Nathan Chandler

"Just watched the demo you sent for the Card At Any Number and I have no idea how it works"
- Dreygon Hibbler

"I can't wait to learn it. Owning your previous work on this, I feel like I should be able to work it out but can't get my head around it LOL"
- Matt Overd

Update on the 'Azlan' Card At Any Number

This is NOT the same update for 'Azlan' which was taught in God Mode Sui Generis 2

A prediction envelope containing a single playing card is placed on the table and a spectator is instructed to shuffle and cut a deck of cards twice, ensuring the deck is well and truly mixed in the process.

As the spectator shuffles they use their intuition to think of a number between one and fifty two.

The performer then proceeds to demonstrate the difference between the spectator using their intuition and simply guessing. First, the spectator deals to whichever number position in the deck they guess a random playing card may reside in the deck. Then for good measure, they guess which playing card they think may reside at a random number position in the deck. They are seen to fail each time, which proves that it matters not whether they are trying to guess a number or a playing card, they are likely going to be wrong. The performer then reminds the spectator of the number they previously thought of using their intuition and takes out the prediction from the envelope that has been in view of the spectator the entire time. The spectator deals to their thought of number and the card dealt to, is seen to match the prediction perfectly. Thus, offering apparent proof that it is better to trust your intuition over trying to simply guess.

There is no need for the spectator to remove any of the Jokers from the deck or for them to count through the cards in their hands (to check they are all different). They shuffle the deck and the effect is ready to begin. The performer never needs to touch the deck or to know the order of the cards after the shuffle. Everything happens completely 'hands off' from the perspective of the spectator and is practically self working.

This can be performed one on one or in a group, where one out of three people is nominated to use their intuition, whilst the other two make their guesses.

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